And suddenly it is almost April…

Time is flying by with a speed that is almost shocking in its velocity. I swear it was just January and now here it is almost April. Part of it is the world coming back to semi-life after the strange half-life of covid. Part of it is the pressure of my Masters degree almost being done and wanting to ensure that I am going out on a high note. And part of it is just life being life and moving and flowing and having highs and lows as it is wont to do and I am just along for the ride.

I am not going to try to catch up completely but in the last couple of months I saw 2 drag shows, attended a birthday party, made new friends, attended a pirate party, toured a distillery, did a whiskey tasting, did a mead tasting, attended a fancy dress party, and so much more. This is what that looked like:

I have some weird stuff in the works, including a tiktok series of me reading the angsty and poorly written poetry of my teenage years. If you are interested find me on tiktok @betsysnowwhite.

3 thoughts on “And suddenly it is almost April…

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  1. Great to see a post from you. Sounds like you’ve been busy and having a wonderful time. I know what you mean about how time is just zooming by. Hard to believe we’re almost quarter of the way through this year already, but there it is.

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