Happy October 1st

October is my favorite month! I love the fall feeling (in Ohio we get cooler weather, leaves changing, and the whole shebang), the hot drinks, sweater weather, spoooky/witchy season, and just all of it!!

I have my Halloween Advent Calendar which I have asked my nibling, Asher, to fill the first eight days of my calendar for me and the last 13 of the month are filled with the holiday countdown from Sucreabeille. I also bought the Kawaii Sicker Countdown by Pipsticks.

Halloween Advent Calendar

I am also planning to read more this month so…

Bookish Bingo Board

Expect to hear more from me as the month goes on. And see if I get a bingo. And check out October with me. For more random you can find me on TikTok @betsysnowwhite.

2 thoughts on “Happy October 1st

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  1. October starts my favourite half of the year. The cooler weather is my favourite, and what’s not to love about pumpkin everything and an excuse to be as witchy as you like?

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