Did I Need a Skull Tiara?

The answer to this query is no. Did I buy a skull tiara? You know full well I did. Is it blingy to hell and covered in clear gemstones? Yep. Was it less that $30? It was...which is why I just couldn't resist. Me wearing a tiara made up of a series of small skulls.... Continue Reading →

Medieval Monster Mash at the Forge

Saturday night I went with my Sister, Traci, and our friends Susan and Liz to The Forge Tavern for their Medieval Monster Mash starring Jameson's Folly and special guests Fiendish. The Forge had a wonderful set up that allowed for safe play in times of Covid. Out table's theme was witches, so we decided to... Continue Reading →

Countdown To Halloween

I bought a wooden Countdown to Halloween from Michaels, and while I am a little late I finally got it painted and ready to go. Better late than never, right? It began as just a plain brown house with drawers. I painted the house black and the drawers various pastel colors: pink, purple, yellow, green... Continue Reading →

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