Witches of Legend Oracle

My wonderful husband, Seth, backed a kickstarter for me for the Witches of Legend Oracle by Annabelle Lewis. The art was just so gorgeous that I couldn't resist. Seth would call me in to show me updates and new cards as they were created, additional tiers that were added, and so much more. The deck... Continue Reading →

Looking into The Future

I was gifted with my first tarot deck when I was 16. It was the Arthurian Tarot by Caitlin and John Matthews and it was a gift from my older sister Krystie. I fell in love immediately and I have been doing readings since. For the first year or so I carried the deck with... Continue Reading →

Magickal Monday – Sturgeon Moon

Happy Full Moon, Witches!! I hope the coming of the sturgeon moon finds you well. This is a full moon in Aquarius, which according to Madeleine of Written in the Stars Horoscopes and Tarot is the full moon of the Rebel, so get out there and break the rules. Find new ways of doing things.... Continue Reading →

Magickal Monday – Witchy Haul!

Happy 4th of July Eve to my American Friends! To everyone else Happy Magickal Monday!! I have done some witchy shopping in the last couple of weeks, so I thought I would share some of my recent purchases. From a little shop in Yellow Springs, Ohio called House of Ravenwood I bought a piece of statuary that... Continue Reading →

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