October 23 – 24: Spooky Basket

I had previously mentioned that I was doing a Spooky Basket Exchange. Well, my buddy received their bucket on Saturday and I hope they liked it. I received mine on Sunday and I loved it. Behold the bounty! Popcorn!!! Light up kitty, mothman mug, horror bag and little wooden coffin full of pins. Poison Apple... Continue Reading →

Word Nerd – Spooky Edition

I have mentioned previously that I am a certifiable word nerd. So for October I present my list of fun and unusual words for the Halloween season. exsanguinate : verb. Drain (a person, animal, or organ) of blood. necrophage : noun. An organism that eats dead or decaying flesh. lycanthrope : noun. A werewolf. therianthropic... Continue Reading →

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