This is Halloween – Podcast Edition

I am an avid podcast listener, in fact I listen to podcasts or audio books all day at work. My podcast obsession began with My Favorite Murder, which could be considered a spooky podcast in itself, and has bloomed into me listening to many many podcasts of all kind. Today I am going to suggest for you my favorite spooky podcasts to get you in the mood for Halloween.Ghosted by Roz Drezfalez – Drag Queen Roz invites her friends to tell their ghost stories. Listen to the Elvira episode to hear how good this podcast can be.Snap Judgement presents: Spooked – Host Glynn Washington sets up stories of the unexplained and paranormal told by the people who experienced them. Super creepy and wonderful.Teen Creeps – Hosts Lindsay Katai and Kelly Nugent read the pulpy gore filled teen books from the nineties. You will laugh and really want to dig out those books to reread.Shadows at the Door Podcast – A bit like a radio drama an author and an actor present a scary story and then discuss the underlying themes. The stories are spooky and the conversations are interesting as a writer.The Angel of Vine – Set up like a true radio drama this podcast has a star studded cast and only 10 episodes. This is a beautifully produced noir murder mystery.Do you have a favorite spooky podcast? Have you listened to one of these? Let me know in the comments.

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