Writing Challenge – Day 3

Day 3: What are your top three pet peeves?

  1. The incorrect use of your/you’re. The English major in me just cringes, and will have a really hard time taking you seriously after this error. This also applies to their, there, they’re and all similar grammar issues. Misspelling is annoying, but I can get past it easier than grammar errors.
  2. People who lie for no good reason, or braggarts. If we are talking, and I am telling you a true story about an event in my life, and you start making up something that will one up my story, but is also obviously made up I will lose all respect for you immediately. I have an acquaintance who is so bad about doing this, and for this reason I cannot be alone with her for long, because I start to get so annoyed. I am interested in you, otherwise we would not be talking, so be honest and real with me please. If you cannot then I have no use for you.
  3. People who steal my dance move on the dance floor. If we are dancing together, you do not have to mimic every movement I make. If fact, don’t do that because it is weird. Unless we are doing the macarena, cupid shuffle, or electric slide you need to do your own moves and I will do mine. Thanks.

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