Writing Challenge – Day 4

Day 4 – Write about someone who inspires you.

Earlier this year I was introduced to a lovely pagan blogger, youtuber, artist and musician named Molly Roberts (http://mollyrobertsmagick.blogspot.com/).


On her Blog, Molly labels herself a City Witch, Magick Junkie, Artistic Mystic. She is the front woman of the band Tigernite. She writes beautiful and inspiring meditations. She wrote a beautiful book called Art Witch, in which she explains how to manifest magic through art. Her youtube channel is full of beautiful and inspiring videos. And if you are driven to support her on Patreon or to join her mailing list she will send you extra inspiring and beautiful videos, meditations, and pictures throughout the month.

There is just something about her calm demeanor, beautiful nature, and creative insight that just speaks to the soul of me. One of her recent writings was a reimagining of the Call to the Quarters, which is a very traditional wiccan ritual opening. In her version she calls to the spirits of the city, and the version speaks so well to a witch who has never lived outside of an urban area. She calls to mosh pits, gutters, and smoke stacks in a way that evokes all the emotion and spirit of the original call.

She talks about Pop Pantheons and using the imagery that inspires and speaks to you the most. If that means invoking Wonder Woman, or Frida Kahlo, do it. The magick is made when you believe and commit, so whether you pray to Athena or David Bowie the Magick happens in you.

Whether you are WWP (Witchy, Wiccan or Pagan) or not, Molly Roberts is a beautiful source of inspiration. Find her and enjoy.

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  1. I have my own theory of magic, and have always been really afraid that Wiccans and other “traditional” magic practitioners would not tolerate a Magic Modernization Project.

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