Writing Challenge – Day 8

Day 8: Share something you struggle with.

Sadly, mostly I am struggling with coming up with something I struggle with. This is not to say life is perfect, it isn’t, but I don’t consider many things a struggle. I am not fully satisfied with my job, and occasionally “struggle” with feeling like a corporate tool. However, I have managed to stay mostly myself in spite of working for multiple large banks over the years, and currently still working for a major bank. These feelings were much worse when I was younger, because I was working for a major corporation while my friends were enrolled in college.

I will say that I struggle with feeling creatively satisfied while working in a business that is not “creative”. Creative banking is generally frowned upon, lol. This is why I am currently working on my bachelor’s degree in English/ Creative Writing, because one day I would like to find a career that allows for more creativity. I just cannot imagine working for a bank for the rest of my working years, at least not in the capacity that I am currently.

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