Writing Challenge – Day 7

Day 7: List 10 songs that you are loving right now.

These songs are all over the board. Most are not new, but they are songs that I can listen to any day. They are songs that make me dance, laugh and/or sing along. These are links that will take you to the Youtube video for these songs.

  1. 20th Century Boy by T. Rex
  2. Fame by David Bowie
  3. Somebody to Love by Queen
  4. When I Grow Up from Matilda the musical by Tim Minchin
  5. Seagulls (Stop it now!) by Bad Lip Reading
  6. Girl Anachromism by The Dresden Dolls
  7. Reverend by Pearl and the Beard
  8. The Organ Donor’s March by Vermillion Lies
  9. Green Man by XTC
  10. Folsom Prison Blues/ Pinball Wizard Mash-up – Johnny Cash/ The Who by Puddles Pity Party

2 thoughts on “Writing Challenge – Day 7

Add yours

  1. A side effect (for me) of intense meditation has been an unfortunate phenomenon where if I listen to music the song just loops and loops in my head, which is quite distracting and undesirable. See:https://mmpmagicmodernizationproject.com/friggin-pixies-get-outta-my-head-seemingly-undesired-side-effects-of-meditation/
    I love Bowie (RIP) and the Pixies and Nirvana and Roxy Music, among about 2,500 others, and it breaks my heart I can’t listen to music anymore.


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