Writing Challenge – Day 14

Day 14: Post your movies that you never get tired of watching.

Movies that I can watch at any time:

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Labyrinth is by far my favorite movie ever. I think it hit for me at just the right age, and was just the right combination of fantasy, music, and Jim Henson. I actually went to see it in the theatre twice last year; the first time was right after David Bowie passed and again later in the summer on a double feature with the Dark Crystal.

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The Princess Bride is another of my favorite movies. My husband and I can literally sit and quote this entire movie, which is undoubtedly annoying for anyone who is not us.

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Heathers is one of the funniest, darkest, and most painfully true movies about high school ever made. I once watched it on a loop for three days, and that is how I learned all the words to que sera, sera.

I love movies, so much, so I could go on forever. I also love The Craft, Anything Tim Burton, Legend, Velvet Goldmine, and so many more.

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