Writing Challenge – Day 13

Day 13: What are you excited about?

new 031

We are currently working on refinancing our house, and part of that is doing some painting, cleaning, and remodeling. It is silly to be excited about housework, but I really am excited. We are hoping to get a new sink and vanity for our upstairs bathroom, paint our porch floor and ceiling, and paint a lot of our trim. I have decided that the porch floor should be black with sparkles, because I am an adult and it is my house.

My downstairs bathroom is already day of the dead themed and one of my favorite rooms in the house.


Green is an accidental theme in the house. We have three different green rooms; our living room, computer room and downstairs bathroom. I have no idea why this has happened. Apparently we love green walls. See the green dining room below.


So, that is what I am excited about. My house, and potential changes.

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