Writing Challenge – Day 19

Day 19: Discuss your first love.

I am torn about this. Does this mean the first person I think I was in love with? Or the first person I know I was in love with?

I have had several relationships in my life, however I do not believe that any of them were “love”. Only one was was longer than a year, and in many ways I just stayed in a relationship to prove that I could be in a relationship that lasted longer than a year, which sounds awful.

In this light, my first actual love was my husband. Our coming together was a comedy of errors in many ways.  I actually met Seth’s brother, Chris, first. He came to work in my department at the bank I was working for at the time. We got along famously right away. One of the first things he said to me was “You are so happy. My brother would hate you.” I remember responding that I hoped I never met his brother then.

I would meet his brother at a concert some months later, but just in passing. Then again, when my sister and I went to see a movie with Chris, his wife Niki (who had become my good friend), and Seth. We went to dinner first, and I thought Seth was charming, funny and I was definitely interested in getting to know him better. This was in January or February of 2007, and we would not be thrown together again until March.

Niki and I’s birthdays are the 14th and 15th of March, so we held a joint birthday party, and Seth attended. Several weeks later was his birthday, and I was invited to his party where I pretended to be very drunk. I was sitting on the arm of the couch and I said to Seth that I was afraid I might fall. He said “If you fall I will catch you”. So I fell.

After that I joined an RPG of Star Wars that Seth was DMing with Chris, Niki and occassionally our friend Jerry.  I had no real interest in the game, but wanted to see Seth more. Eventually I would gather the nerve to ask Seth out to a movie, and he told me no. I said okay,  and told Chris that I was not going to ask again so the ball was in Seth’s court. He would call me the next day on Chris’ phone and ask if I was still interested in seeing that movie. I said yes.

Our first date was May 19, 2007. At the end of the night he kissed my hand, and my heart melted a little. A month later we finally got to have our second date, and he brought me 28 red roses. We stayed up late into the night talking. We talked about everything, and by the end of that night I knew that this was something special. Our first kiss would happen a few days after this, and that just furthered that feeling.

By spring of 2008 we were moving into an apartment together. Spring of 2009 we were looking for houses to buy. We got engaged in the fall of 2010 and married in October of 2012.





















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