Writing Challenge – Day 20

Day 20: Post about three celebrity crushes.

My celebrity crushes are always a little odd. And usually they exist because a person is funny. I love people who can make me laugh.

  1. Greg Proops – I have loved him since Whose Line Is It Anyway? the original British version. His podcast The Smartest Man in The World is by far one of my favorites, and I started listening fairly early on. I am working on getting to meet him, even if it means a trip to California. If you are unfamiliar with him it is worth it to check him out. I also find myself dropping proopisms constantly.
    Greg’s Website
  2. Ron Funches – Another comedian, I found him when he performed live on the brief television version of The Nerdist. Immediately I was hooked. He has since been on @Midnight multiple times, and on the shows Undateable and Powerless. And I have tickets to see him perform in July!!
    Ron’s Website
  3. Amanda Palmer – I have loved Amanda Palmer for a long time. It began with the Dresden Dolls, and continued through her solo albums, and her book, and still I love her. I have met her multiple times. I have introduced multiple people to her music. She still speaks directly to me. Her Ukulele Anthem is inspiring and beautiful and I am linking a version below. She is also married to one of my all time favorite authors, so… Amanda Palmer – Ukulele Anthem
    Amanda’s Website

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