Writing Challenge – Day 26

Day 26: Write about an area in your life that you’d like to improve.

I am a master procrastinator, and while I thrive on doing things last minute, I wish I could break myself of the habit. I have written some amazing last minute works for classes, but then I always think that if I could have only started earlier I think the work could have been more well rounded and developed.

I have been doing this since I was quite young. In high school I distinctly remember creating a poster and a presentation about the Roman Gods for one class in 15 minutes the morning it was due. I completed it, did my presentation, and got an A. But there was absolutely no need for that stress. I knew it was due, I just procrastinated.


So, yes, if I could change any one thing about myself I would stop procrastinating, and start doing things right this moment.

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