Local 614 – Stadium Virginium

Last Friday night, I reserved a table for my mother, my sister, and myself to the first show of the year for Columbus drag queen Virginia West at Axis Nightclub. This was our second straight year of attending Stadium Virginium, and we were excited to repeat the experience. After drinking several “Rob’s Busted Peach”, a delicious vodka fueled drink, it was absolutely time for the show to start.

The theme for this years show was 80’s and 90’s Pop, and the show was a blinding whirlwind of your favorite songs. Things that were actually shouted out by me, “Oh my god! Is this Debbie Gibson?!” (It was) “What do you mean you have never seen the breakfast club?” (I am apparently a shitty older sister) “Holy Shit Hall and Oates.” This was sprinkled in among singing at the top of my lungs and screaming “YAAASSSS!!” Old school Madonna, Whitney Houston, Prince, Bobby Brown, Spice Girls, Britney, and a fabulous Missy Elliot performed at the highest level of entertainment by the multi-talented cast. There was dancing, singing, amazing drag, and a lot of humor.

To cap off the amazing night, Virginia invited the audience to donate to Everytown USA in light of the recent shooting in Parkland, FL.  Last count I heard over $700 was raised in the course of a single song.

There are several more shows this weekend and you can get tickets Here! I could not recommend it more.


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