Active Evolution

01-tuskless-elephant-elephantvoices-img_6734_processed.ngsversion.1541763003911.adapt.1900.1I recently caught a news piece about elephants. It seems that due to poaching elephants are evolving at a rapid rate to no longer have tusks. This evolutionary change has happened quite quickly considering that normally this type of change would take thousands of years. The elephants are learning to adapt to not having their tusks by using their feet to complete tasks that in the past were completed using the tusks. You can read more about this here.

This story has really made me think about my own life and what things I am ready to evolve out of. I have been working in banking since I was 19. I enrolled in college in 2010 because I wanted to get out of banking, and find a career I actually wanted. In just a few weeks I will finally have my bachelor’s degree in English- Creative Writing. Suddenly I am confronted with a what now moment and I am being flummoxed by that question. What I know is that it is time to evolve and to adapt myself to my new reality. Maybe I can use my feet.

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