Camping in the Summer and Midsummer Masquerade

My husband and I spent the weekend camping in Caeser Creek with some friends so that we could attend Midsummer Masquerade at the grounds of the Ohio Renaissance Festival.

Friday it was ninety some degrees and about 150% humidity on Friday when we arrived for camping. We got set up and only melted slightly in the heat and insanity. We had to borrow a tent from my sister and brother-in-law because ours was apparently stolen from our garage at some point. Their tent is a 9 person cabin, so it was huge! I could get used to that.

Saturday we woke up, went to a flea market (It was big and fun and shockingly Trump-y) and then waited for our fellow campers to arrive. They finally arrived, set up, we went to dinner, and then got ready for the Masquerade. My friend Susan decided we should do a glitter part and since I am always willing to do anything glitter I was in. I chose to do a fine red and then thicker gold toward the middle. I used a brick red eye shadow to create a mask style makeup. Since it was so hot I wore a cute fancy bra with a cropped bodice and a skirt for a belly dancer look. I felt super cute!

The Masquerade was already in full swing when we arrived, but we got to watch the beautiful dancers of Lunar Rhythms, the daring fire work of Reverend X and friends and the comedy musical piracy of The Varlots. I also bought glow in the dark bat hair clips and punk doll head earrings that made me ridiculously happy courtesy of Mirabellaz Menagerie . Then we went back to the camp to have a fire thanks to my lovely Eagle Scout, Seth.

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