16 Days of Blogging

Today we headed to Polaris Fashion Place, which is a giant mall in Columbus, to stalk our favorite soap makers and buy more of their amazing soaps. We have been almost exclusively using Elder Forest Soaps for at least 5 years but more than likely more than that. We met them at the Ashville Viking... Continue Reading →

Shrimp’s Oh! Strip! Show

On January 25th I brought my husband to Akron to see an amazing Burlesque show. I was lucky to get VIP tickets so we got to be part of a VIP cocktail party before the show where I got to meet a couple of my favorite burlesque dancers. The show was beyond amazing and I... Continue Reading →

Will you be my Grandma?

Recently I was on my assigned week for our company's Meals on Wheels route. The way our assignment works you run a week every 3 months. We leave the building about 11 am and deliver to between 6 and 9 houses. This week we had a couple of new houses on the route, and had... Continue Reading →

Things I love Thursday – Go Team!!

I will be walking in a 5k this weekend called the¬†Cheddar Challenge¬†at a local Dairy Farm. We have participated in this 5k for a couple of years, and it is seriously fun. You get a milkshake, and cheese samples. The course takes you through the barns and by the baby cows. It is so much... Continue Reading →

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