Do you D&D?

Among my myriad of side quests I indulge in on a regular basis one of them is playing tabletop role-playing games and especially playing Dungeons and Dragons. I began playing in my mid to late twenties (so 2005-2006 ish) with my future brother and sister in law. They gladly began running a campaign when I expressed an interest in playing. We played in 3.5 because 4 wasn’t out yet, and I rolled up a human bard name Philomel. Several weeks and one angry barghest later I rolled up a human battle nun named Beatrice which was more fun for me as a newbie.

Since then in various campaigns I have been a halfling rogue, a halfling bard, a gnome rogue, a half-elf sorceress, and more I can’t remember off the top of my head. Some of these were one shots, and these were in 3.5 mostly, as we only played 4 for a very short amount of time. Currently I am in two (technically 3 but one is on a brief hiatus) campaigns in Fifth Edition (5e). 5e is much more fun to play than 4, but not as clunky as 3.5. I am really enjoying playing it in a way that I haven’t in a long time. In fact we are beginning a new campaign tonight with several people who have never played before.

My active characters are a Dwarf Barbarian named Ingemar Thunderblood and a Half-Orc Fighter Eldrich Knight Iva Battlemancer. This weekend I painted up my figurines for these characters, and I am really happy with them, especially with Iva. Ingemar has the red skirt and Iva has the axe and shield. These are photos with my phone, but you can get the idea.

I also painted my copper dragon this weekend. This is my favorite type of dragon and I had so much fun painting her.

Seth and I are also planning to attend Origins Game Fair this year in June, so expect a lot more gaming and geeky goodness from me.

Do you play any tabletop rpgs? Do you play D&D?

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