These Are Things that I’m Gonna Do.

I had so much fun working through my bucket list for the last quarter of 2019, so I decided to do more of them in 2020. Here is what I have so far…

  • Create 2020 Vision Board – Done!! Photos Below.
  • Get prettied up for Shrimp’s Cocktail Party!
  • Meet Dirty Martini at Shrimp’s Cocktail Party! on Saturday.
  • Buy a pair of Veronica Lockhart’s rhinestone cockroaches.
  • Go with the Wenches to Pub Sing at Dub Pub.
  • Wench wine meet up in February.
  • Be under or close to 200 lbs by my birthday March 14.
  • Visit Prologue bookstore.
  • Sew new Viking garb for Seth.
  • Write 30,000 words in my work in progress.
  • Go to Mustache Ride Drag Brunch
  • Go to Archery Range
  • Visit Elizabeth’s Records
  • Set up new Entertainment Stand.
  • Set up Stationary Bike.

Vision Board – The lovely Molly Roberts held a live event for her Patrons all about creating a vision board. I decided to get in on the action and began building up images and words for my board. I just bought myself a brand new Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary (as previously stated my favorite dictionary) so my old falling apart one became fodder for my vision board. I found these battery operated lights I bought at Target a couple of years ago that have glitter in bulbs around the lights and I decided they would look amazing on my vision board. I bought a shadowbox style wooden box to use and painted the inside neon pink and the outside silver. I used glitter infused mod podge to place my images on the board. I began with bright colored images and then added words and pieces from the dictionary. I found some star shaped push pins and attached the lights to the edge with them. I am really happy with how it turned out. It is going to live on my new altar for 2020.

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