Shrimp’s Oh! Strip! Show

On January 25th I brought my husband to Akron to see an amazing Burlesque show. I was lucky to get VIP tickets so we got to be part of a VIP cocktail party before the show where I got to meet a couple of my favorite burlesque dancers. The show was beyond amazing and I was ridiculously excited to see both Siomai Moore and Dirty Martini since they are regional acts that I may never have gotten a chance to see.

I bought myself a Siomai Moore pin, a couple of really pretty Bettie Page Clothing Bras and a pair of bedazzled cockroach earrings from the amazing Veronica Lockhart, The Countess of Cockroaches.

I wore a dress I bought several years ago in Vegas at the Bettie Page store. Proudly, I managed an amazing victory roll. I felt very vintage and very cute. We ended up grabbing a bite to eat before the show at Cultured Waffle and Coffee.  The whole evening was lovely and I am so happy I went.

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