Sister Sunday!!

Yesterday my sister, Traci, and I had a sister day to hit a couple of record stores around Columbus. We decided to start at Spoonful Records but since they didn’t open until noon we decided to grab lunch at Dirty Franks. Dirty Franks is an amazing hot dog joint in Downtown Columbus. I got two veggie dogs, a Puff the Magic Popper and a Columbus Crew Dog and a side of Spicy Fried Cauliflower. Traci ordered Corn Dogs and tater tots  cheese and bacon. The food was delicious as always. We used to have a Dirty Franks location about a block away from my house, but they closed a year or so ago and I miss them so much.

Once we finished our food and split a shot of Monkey Shoulder Brandy because we just wanted to see how it tasted we walked over to Spoonful to peruse. Spoonful is a lovely, orderly and bright record store. The staff are knowlegable and very nice to speak to. Traci bought several records but I did not buy any at the first stop. I did however stop to admire their absolutely amazing Dolly Parton Pinball Machine.


We then headed to Used Kids Records which was a little more punk rock and had albums in every possible nook and cranny. While we were browsing a guy from the neighborhood came in with his adorable black pug named Pig who went immediately behind the counter to get treats which they keep for just such visits. At Used Kids I found two New York Dolls albums, a Cyndi Lauper I did not have on vinyl and in an act of pique Taco with Puttin on the Ritz.

Traci asked if we could run next door to Evolved Body Art so she could get her septum pierced. We went over, but they had a bit of a wait at that location, so they gave her a 5 dollar off voucher and sent us to the High Street location. We went there and we basically got right in. She looks adorable with the new septum ring.


It was a gorgeous day so we walked a mile or so to Magnolia Thunderpussy where I found the original Star Wars trilogy on Laser Disc that I bought my husband for his birthday (Yes I have a working Laser Disc player). Traci bought a couple more albums. We ran across the street to The Garden which is a Woman owned adult emporium and I bought a pair of thigh highs to wear on Saturday for my birthday/ the fancy dress party.

On the way back to the car we stopped to get a margarita and some queso at Condado Tacos.


I love my sisters!



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