50 Dig A Little Deeper Questions

I found this on Pinterest and thought the questions were fun and interesting. So…


1) Do you prefer writing with black or blue pen? – I prefer black, and my favorite pen is Unibal Signo Impact 207

2) Would you prefer to live in the country or the city? – I am an active person so I am best in a city, but I love the idea of living in the country.

3)If you could learn a new skill, what would it be? – I would love to learn another language. Currently I speak almost no Spanish and French and I would love to be at least mildly conversational in one.

4) Do you drink your tea or coffee with sugar? – Nope. I drink both black.

5) What was your favorite book as a child? – The Pobble Who Has No Toes by Edward Lear, and The Light In The Attic by Shel Silverstein

6) Do you prefer baths or showers? – I love both, but I love baths.

7) If you could be a mythical creature, which would you choose? – Well, my myth for the Wenches is the Banshee and I am becoming very attached to her, so probably that.

8) Do you prefer reading paper or electronic books? – I prefer paper, but for travel electronic is by far better.

9) What is your favorite item of clothing? – My leather jacket and my favorite jean jacket.

10) Do you like your name? Would you ever change it? – I love my name. I would never change my first name but I have joked about changing my middle name to Snow (It is legally Jo) so my name would be Betsy Snow White.

11) Who is a mentor to you? – My mom, she is an amazing person. My fellow lady gangers and wenches. I am surrounded by some of the most amazing women.

12) Would you ever want to be famous? – If so, what for? Well…I am a writer so being acknowledged for that would be nice.

13) Are you a restless sleeper? – Generally, no. But when I get anxiety I can

14) Do you consider yourself to be a romantic? – I do.

15) Which element best represents you? – I am a water sign through and through (Pisces sun and Cancer moon)

16) Who do you want to be closer to? – I would love to establish a relationship with my half-sister Chelli. I don’t know if it will ever happen, but…

17) Do you miss someone at the moment? – I have really been missing my grandparents lately. My grandma died when I was 15 and my grandpa when I was 20.

18) Tell us about an early childhood memory. – Some of my favorite early memories are swinging with my grandma in her backyard on a spring day. She would sing a little song and you could hear the turtle doves cooing. I still love to swing.

19) What is the strangest thing you have eaten? – Probably alligator. I am not picky at all, so I will eat anything, but I think that is the strangest.

20) What can you see outside your bedroom window? – My backyard from one side, and my driveway from the other side.

21) What are you most thankful for? – My husband, family and friends.

22) Do you like spicy food? – I love spicy food. When my husband and I got together 13 years ago I was absolutely not, but he slowly introduced me to more spice and now I love it.

23) Have you ever met someone famous? – I have met Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione of the Dresden Dolls several times at signings. I met Voltaire, Puddles Pity Party, David Sedaris and Ron Funches in the same way.

24) Do you keep a diary or journal? – I do.

25) Do you prefer to use pen or pencil? – It depends on the application. In my journals I write in pen, but when I am prewriting etc. I prefer pencil.

26) What is your star sign? – I am a Pisces with an Aquarius rising and a Cancer moon.

27) Do you like your cereal crunchy or soggy? – Crunchy please.

28) What would you want your legacy to be? – I feel like I am working on that. I hope that my work with the Wenches Guild will last and build beyond our work.

29) Do you like reading? What was the last thing you read? – I love to read. Scythe by Neal Shusterman, Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars: A Dangerous Trans Girl’s Confabulous Memoir by Kai Cheng Thom and I just started I Am God by Giacomo Sartori.

30) How do you show someone you love them? – I will just straight up tell them, but I also like to buy very selective and specific gifts that play to what they love.

31) Do you like ice in your drinks? – Water, yes. Alcohol, not necessary. Soda, maybe.

32) What are you afraid of? – The dark and I am not a fan of thunderstorms.

33) What is your favorite scent? – Sandalwood, lavender, rosemary, lemon and mint

34) Do you address older people by their first or last name? – It depends. At first by their last name, but if they request then I will use their first name.

35) If money was not a factor, how would you live your life? – I would own my own business, but otherwise my life would be pretty much the same. I would renovate my house.

36) Do you prefer swimming in pools or the ocean? – I am not a great swimmer, so pools all the way. I only wade in the ocean.

37) What would you do if you found $50 on the ground? – If I could locate an owner I would return it. If not I might report it somewhere.

38) Have you ever seen a shooting star? Did you make a wish? – I have seen many shooting stars and I have wished on many of them.

39) What is one thing you would want to teach your children?  – Well I don’t have any children, but I like to think I am helping to teach my nieces and nephew to be open, honest and inclusionary.

40) If you had to have a tattoo, what would it be and where would you get it? – I already have several, but some of the ones I am planning are the word Wench on my left arm, and a quote and maybe some artwork from the book The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern “We are all stardust and stories.”

41) What can you hear right now? – Archer playing on the TV.

42) Where do you feel safest? – With my husband, family and friends.

43) What is one thing you want to overcome/conquer? – I would love to better deal with my anxiety. I am already working on self-love, but my anxiety will always come back to bite me.

44) If you could travel back to any era, which would you choose? – Maybe ancient Egypt, the past was kinda shitty for women, so it is hard to think of going back to those times.

45) What is your most used emoji? hearts

46) What is your favorite season? Why? – Autumn, though with climate change it isn’t much of a thing anymore.

47) How would you spend your ideal day? – Go to Tommy’s Diner for breakfast, then go shopping on high street and to the Book Loft, hit a Mexican place for lunch, catch a show at a local theatre and then go out to dinner for drinks and maybe dancing later.

48) Describe yourself using one word. – Creative.

49) What do you regret the most? – Not going after my dreams when I was younger. Now I am just trying to make up for lost time.

50) Invent your own word. What does it mean? – Somesense: It is more than sense and a direct opposite to nonsense.


There you go! 50 more things about me. Are you getting tired of me yet?


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