20 Days of Blogging

February is always a strange month for me. It feels like a transitional month no matter what else is happening in the month. Part of this is that Seth and I both have March birthdays, as does my sister-in-law, Niki, so we are constantly looking forward to what is to come. Part of it is also that in the last several years the majority of Ohio’s wintery weather appears in the month of February. Add all this to the fact that it is already the shortest month of the year and it becomes the ultimate liminal space.

Because of that I often spend the month in a bit of a shadow work, self-reflection and deep thinking space that can be both insightful and a little painful. Maybe my mind wants to work through all the crap before I turn another year old, or maybe I have a mild case of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Currently I am working through some anxiety issues, some impressive imposter syndrome, and some issues with holding myself back because of fear of failure. These are nothing new but they are here and I am working through them. I am making myself journal some of this out, and working through it with Tarot as well. The work is necessary and not very fun.

The plus is I am learning some good things about myself and my psyche as well, so you take the light with the shadow, right?

Photo below of all seeing eye earrings made by the daughters of my friend Susan. They run an etsy shop called RoamJewels where they sell their beautiful jewelry.

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