15 Days of Blogging


How’d you guys meet: I worked with his Brother, Chris, at Chase and he introduced us.
First Date: Olive Garden followed by a movie.
How long have you been together: 14 years in May
Married: For 9 years in October.
Age difference: I am 3 years and a couple days older
Who was interested first: I think it was pretty mutual. I asked him out first, if that counts.
Who is taller: Seth
Who said I love you first: I think probably Seth because I was afraid to rush things.
Most impatient: Depends on the situation.
Most sensitive: Me. I cry at commercials, often. Empathy can suck.
Loudest: Usually me, but he has his moments.
Most stubborn: Seth.
Falls asleep first: Seth
Cooks better: Seth does most of the cooking. I can cook he just enjoys it more.
Better morning person: Me
Better driver: Me
Most competitive: Seth
Funniest: Seth, but I have my moments.
Where do you eat out most as a couple: Somewhere Mexican for me.
Who is more social: Me.
Who is the neat freak: Neither of us is a neat freak.
Where was your first kiss: Chris and Niki’s house as he was leaving after a gaming session.
Who initiated your first kiss: Seth
How long did it take to get serious: Not long at all. We just clicked. We moved in together within a year.
Plans date night: Food, movie, maybe a play.
Who picks where you go to dinner: We both do at different times.
Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong: Me.
Who wears the pants in the relationship: Probably me, but mostly we work as a team.
Who has more tattoos: Me. Seth doesn’t have any.
Who sings better: Me.
Hogs the remote: Seth, but I have abdicated.
Spends the most: Me, by far.
Did you go to the same school: No.
Where is the furthest you two have traveled: Las Vegas
Who drives when you are together: Usually Me.

This was kind of fun. I hope you enjoy the insight into my relationship.

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