14 Days of Blogging

It’s Here!! The podcast I guested on is available to listen to here. It was a super fun and generally a great conversation. So check it out if you want.

We are planning another live event for the podcast I will be cohosting Girls, Ghosts, Ghouls. We are going to do a live reading of Hop-Frog by Edgar Allan Poe. This is because we are covering the 1964 Roger Corman film The Masque of The Red Death and Corman mixed two Poe short stories to make this film, the titular story and Hop-Frog. Makes sense, right?

I have such a love affair with Poe, even though I am aware that as a person he was problematic. His aesthetic is so my style. The Raven was one of the first poems I ever memorized that wasn’t my own. I have multiple pieces of Poe merchandise, like an action figure and a Poe-ka Dot bag from the company Out of Print. I have multiple copies of the complete works from several different eras. The paper that would lead to my change to an English major was on The Fall of the House of Usher. I am a fan of Poe’s work and I am well aware that his history is problematic at best. Shrug. I am not attempting to justify him as a person, but as a writer he was very influential to me.

So…If you are interested in listening to me read some Poe along with my fellow Girls, Ghosts, Ghouls ladies you can find the event here.

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