16 Days of Blogging

Today we headed to Polaris Fashion Place, which is a giant mall in Columbus, to stalk our favorite soap makers and buy more of their amazing soaps. We have been almost exclusively using Elder Forest Soaps for at least 5 years but more than likely more than that. We met them at the Ashville Viking Festival and started by buying a couple of bars just to try them. Now we buy 6-9 at a time. We love their products so much and I highly recommend them.

We ended up with Sandalwood Rose, Rosemary, Coconut Lemongrass, Woodland, Patchouli Spice and their seasonal Charcoal Rose in soaps. I also picked up some of their pain balm which is one of the best things for muscle pain I have ever found. Their natural deodorant spray which works well and leaves you smelling wonderful. And I tried their new lotion in Cashmere and Vanilla Oak and I smell so amazing right now. Katie the owner also threw in a lip balm for me and it is also great. If you are looking for a great natural soap company give them a look.

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