October 10 – I got a Book Box in the Mail!

I follow several authors on TikTok one of which is Katelyn Brawn aka @atomicapplepie. She announced that there would be a book box for her book Pumpkin Pie so I jumped at the chance to support someone I follow and bought the box with the hardback book cover. I decided to record a video of the opening and then I will describe the contents.

Video of Book Box unboxing

Aside from a hardback copy of Pumpkin Pie I received: a bracelet made by the author, a tube of bath soak, a honey soap, a pumpkin spice honey lip balm, honey stix, a beautiful fairy book mark and author themed tea in Henry David Thoreau which was apple based and sounds delicious. Oh, and a recipe card for the pumpkin pie made in the book.

Overall it is a super cute box, I can’t wait to make some tea and read my new book.

I realized that I forgot to post my Halloween Countdown for yesterday so I clipped them together and here is day 9 and 10:

Days 9 and 10 of Halloween Countdown.

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