October 11 – Taking down the Christmas Tree

The last couple years with plague, school, work, wenches and life have been difficult. I often felt stretched beyond my limits and the result of that was my Christmas tree staying up since I put it up in December of 2020. Part of it was that it had my favorite ornaments on it which made me happy to look at but part of it was just that at any given time I simply did not have the energy to take the tree down.

Yesterday, the tree came down. I was doing a general clean up and I said, that tree is coming down today. So I took all the ornaments and put them in the tote that had been sitting by the tree since 2020 just waiting to be loaded back up with ornaments. I disassembled the tree and put it away. I swept the area where the tree had been.

Today it feels like a weight I did not realize I was carrying was lifted off my shoulders. The tree is down. And I think I will put up the pink tree in its place this year. But I finally had the energy left to do this simple, but necessary task. What other simple things have I been neglecting for myself while filling other baskets with energy. All I know is that the Christmas tree is down. And I feel great about it.

Also, today Angela Lansbury died. I loved her in so many films, shows and plays. Here is a collage of some of my favorite roles of hers clockwise from top left: As Eglentine Price in Bedknobs and Broomsticks, as Nancy in Gaslight, as Mrs Lovett in Sweeney Todd, as Princess Gwendolyn in The Court Jester, as Aunt Adelaide in Nanny McPhee, and as Jessica Fletcher in Murder She Wrote.

Halloween Coundown for day 11:

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