Things I love Thursday – Go Team!!

I will be walking in a 5k this weekend called the Cheddar Challenge at a local Dairy Farm. We have participated in this 5k for a couple of years, and it is seriously fun. You get a milkshake, and cheese samples. The course takes you through the barns and by the baby cows. It is so much fun.

Our team for this race consists of myself; my husband, Seth; my sister, Traci; and my mother, Karla. We are The Lactose Intolerants. I laugh at that stupid name every time. Last night, I made the team shirts for everyone.

My shirt with nickname, AlphaBetsy
Seth’s shirt with nickname Tuna.
Traci’s shirt with nickname Shmoo
Karla’s shirt with nickname Kage.

After the race we will grab a shuttle down into the Yellow Springs Street Fair. Yellow Springs is a wonderful little alternative community just outside of Dayton Ohio. There are beautiful galleries, lots of little shops, and a generally lovely feeling to the whole place. This is the town where Dave Chappelle lives.

At the street fair I know we will find our absolute favorite soap company, Elder Forest Soap. We swear by Katie’s soap, as well as her salves, and natural deodorant. I am so excited to renew my stash.

This is a photo from our team in 2014. I can’t find a more recent one.


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