Hello New Year. Let’s Be Friends.

Suddenly it is 2019. In my neighborhood it was blasted in by neighbors firing their myriad weapons into the ground until the area sounded like a war zone. Thus is life in the Hilltop in Columbus.

I have chosen my word of the year and it is…

I am going to move into 2019 boldly and unashamed. I have big plans for this year and I want to carry this energy with me as I go. To be brazen is to know who you are and to move confidently in that knowledge. To begin my year off on the right path I did a New Years Tarot Spread that I found on Pinterest courtesy of daily tarot girl. Here is the spread:

And here is what my reading looked like. Position one is the opening message from my guides which is Temperance. I think my guides are telling me that I need to be looking for balance and establishing new structures. I also think they are telling me to look deeper into what direction I want to move in, and then to follow my instincts. Position 2 is the nine of swords in how to achieve your goals and dreams. The message this is saying to me is that I cannot let my anxiety and issues become a wedge in my ability to achieve my dreams. Knowing my own anxiety issues this is actually painfully true. In position 3 actions to take is The Hermit reversed. I feel like I have been in the hermit’s solitude with school and working, but I am finally emerging since school is over. I think part of my next move is to socialize more and to get myself back into the real world. Position 4 departing energies is the Ace of Pentacles reversed. I think that this card in this position is regarding my feelings on money, and how I have not made money a prority in my life, but it is time that I did. I need to stop making this an afterthought. In position 5 is The Heirophant reversed. As the main theme of this year I think it is telling me to continue to set my own path and to circumvent the status quo. In position 6 is the two of wands for future opportunities. It says that currently the world is an open door for me, and the changes I am looking to make this is the perfect time to make them. The High Priestess sits in position 7. To overcome obstacles in the following year I need to trust my intuition and allow it to steer me onto the right path. And to listen to my dreams. Position 8 is the Page of Cups reversed. As talents I will be expressing this year I think this is telling me that I have been neglecting my artistic expression and it is time to break it out again and to use my talents. In position 9 the Emperor is reversed. As a parting message the emperor is telling me to stick to my guns but not to be so rigid that I am unyielding. Overall I am feeling super positive about this year. It is going to be a year of change but also a year of building, and of gearing my life more toward the life of my dreams. What are your plans for the year?

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