Not Really Resolutions, More or Less.

I have been thinking about setting intentions for the year aside from being Brazen, which I certainly will be. I have decided to set small goals for myself every month and then to give myself a reward for making that happen. For January my goal is to write something, literally anything, everyday for the month. If I make my goal I can treat myself to $31 in fun from Wholly Craft. This blog qualifies as a day of writing, but so would journaling, writing a poem or a story, or even writing a letter.

Other than that I am creating More and Less lists for the year, so things I want to do more and things I need to do less.

See more theatre • Sing more • Write more • Read more • Walk more • More friends • Laugh more • Dance more • Travel more • Wench more • Love more • Volunteer more • Make more things • Explore more • Play more •

Spend less ○ Worry less ○ Less self-hate ○ Judge less ○ Less excuses ○ Fear less ○ Less anxiety ○ Less self-doubt ○ Less procrastination ○ Less perfectionism ○

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