The State of My State

My life feels like a most delightful form of chaos currently.

I am halfway into my first semester of my Grad school and I am already realizing that I may have made a mistake. My thought was to take my English degree and make it more practical by studying Communication – Social Media and Marketing and the truth is I don’t like it. Despite having worked in the banking business for 17 years I am not a very business minded person and I don’t love looking at people as commodities and creativity as something that can be swayed to be profitable. I am doing fine, but I am not happy. I am planning to contact my adviser to see what I can do. I will keep you posted on the outcome. I am hoping to maybe swing over to a English – Creative Writing. Fingers crossed.

The Wenches of Myth, IWG 73, have made they’re debut in their first official year at the Ohio Renaissance Festival. We are having a great time. I even wrote a toast that I got to present during pub sing. I am meeting new people, making new connections, and generally having a really good time.

I have lost 53 pounds so I am also able to wear some of my faire garb that I haven’t been able to in years. It feels fantastic. I am down to a size 14-16 and still working. My husband and I joined WW (weight watchers) in February and with diet alone have together lost about 108 pounds. He also looks amazing and we both feel so much healthier. Check out this this side by side of my face from January to August.


Beyond that my little sister is buying a house, my cousin is getting married, we have tickets to see Rasputina and David Sedaris in October. There is a lot going on, and a lot to look forward to. Tomorrow we are surprising my friend with a Duchess party. Pictures to come.

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