Have the Lambs Stopped Screaming?

That title is loosely related to what I wanted to talk about today which is that it is finally chilly enough to wear the amazing Death’s Head Moth Cape that I bought from a local seamstress and fiber artist Rachel Walker.

In April at the Ashville Viking Festival my mom came up to me a told me she can’t believe I am not feeaking out about the death head’s moth cloak in that booth. I hadn’t even seen it. We went in and I made some kind of insane high pitched squee noise and asked if I could take it off to look at it. Rachel graciously allowed me to do so, and it was such a gorgeous work of art I knew I would have to have it.

I asked how much it was, and it was a bit above my ability to pay immediately ($300) so I asked if she would consider accepting payments. I could give $100 immediately and pay monthly through paypal for the rest. She agreed and I have never been so excited in my life. She still had some sewing she needed to do on the piece including adding me big pockets inside.

I actually picked it up at the Ohio Renaissance Festival the second weekend, but it has been so hot I have not gotten to wear it yet. I finally got to wear it this weekend and it is currently one of my favorite things.

Cape Porn!!

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