Holy Sh#T! It’s July!

How did this happen? How is the year halfway over? I have no idea but it is.

I am that much closer to Forty, OMG! I am not overly worried about turning forty, but there are certain things I would like to do before that birthday hits. I would like to get closer to my weight loss goal, if not hit it. I would like to find a new job that allows me to use my degree any at all. I would like to get more regular with my writing schedule. So many things.

I am a woman who likes to set goals, and gets a thrill when I reach them. I am also a woman who is prone to procrastination. Take procrastination and add on the pandemic and suddenly I am barely a functioning person.

Anxiety and depression are rearing their heads for me in a big way and I am having trouble convincing myself that I should reach out to my PCP for help. Sometimes at times like this calling to make an appointment feels like an impossible task. I will get there and make the call, just not quite yet.

On a plus my little sister surprised me with a little planter the other day that is Albert Einstein, so I bought a tiny succulent for it. It looks amazing and kinda like Albert is wearing a black sweatband.

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