What I got done in the last three months…

Wench photo with the Queen! Get my major changed to creative Writing. Attend both days the last weekend of Ohio Renaissance Festival Get autographs from Rasputina (Melora Creager) Finish Blogtober strong (I get a book if I do) Rennie outing to Book Loft? Get Wench tattoo Participate and succeed in NaNoWriMo (Are you participating? Link... Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween!

As a child I was at once terrified of Halloween and in love with it. When we would walk past the racks of masks and decorations in the store I would cry, or close my eyes and hide because it all scared me. I was often scared of other trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood, their costumes... Continue Reading →

An October Wedding

Today my cousin Robby married his wonderful now wife Sharon. It was a beautiful and meaningful ceremony officiated by Sharon's sister Colleen. Robby and Sharon have bonded over there mutual love of certain nerdy/dorky topics, so the wedding was full of Harry Potter (Robby proposed to Sharon at Hogwarts in Universal Studios), Jurassic Park, Star... Continue Reading →

Do You Even Witch?

I have been a practicing witch since I was about 16 years old. It started for me, as it did for many people my age, with the movie The Craft. I was a sophomore the movie came out and I went with a group of friends to see it. I immediately began wearing short pleated... Continue Reading →

The Ghost of Halloween Past…

So, what are your favorite costumes? I was thinking about what I might want to do this year. In the past little bit I have been A Reveur, a black widow spider, so many witches (in a pinch I will default to witch.), Daria, a traveler, steampunk something, a flapper, sexy snow white, a pageant... Continue Reading →

The State of My State

My life feels like a most delightful form of chaos currently. I am halfway into my first semester of my Grad school and I am already realizing that I may have made a mistake. My thought was to take my English degree and make it more practical by studying Communication - Social Media and Marketing... Continue Reading →

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