The Strangest Things in Stranger Things

I am an absolute sucker for nostalgia. As a child of the 80's there have been numerous shows and movies that have played right to that place in my heart. The one that has done so the most successfully and completely is Stranger Things. My husband and I binge watched season three this weekend, and... Continue Reading →

Sisters are doing it for Themselves!

I am a woman with sisters. I have biological sisters and chosen sisters and one spectacular sister-in-law. There are few things in this world I find as important or as necessary as the relationships I have with these women. I have four half-sisters, two from my mother and two from my father. From my dad's... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Ink Therapy

My little sister and I have been sitting on a couple of gift cards to a local tattoo parlor for months, and had been putting off a plan to go get the tattoos done for almost as long. Something always came up, or one of us was sick, or the weekend was just too busy.... Continue Reading →

For the Lovers the Dreamers and Me.

My first "crushes" I can remember were Kermit the Frog and Disney's Robin Hood (You know the super suave English cartoon fox.) Kermit to me was the funny, cool under pressure (generally), leader of the best band of misfits I could ever hope to encounter.I grew up watching Sesame Street and The Muppet Show, so... Continue Reading →

Not Really Resolutions, More or Less.

I have been thinking about setting intentions for the year aside from being Brazen, which I certainly will be. I have decided to set small goals for myself every month and then to give myself a reward for making that happen. For January my goal is to write something, literally anything, everyday for the month.... Continue Reading →

Active Evolution

I recently caught a news piece about elephants. It seems that due to poaching elephants are evolving at a rapid rate to no longer have tusks. This evolutionary change has happened quite quickly considering that normally this type of change would take thousands of years. The elephants are learning to adapt to not having their... Continue Reading →

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