Made Me Do A Double Take

Last night my mom, my sister Traci, and I headed down to District West to see the first mainstage show by the amazing Krystal Something Something, one of my favorite drag queens in Columbus, Double Take.

First, the venue, which was recently opened by the amazing Virginia West and partners, is absolutely gorgeous. The colors are grays and blacks with mirrors and crystal light fixtures. They had beautiful succulents on each table with photo holder stakes in them holding the information for the performers for virtual tipping. The drinks were delicious, especially their mule mad with raspberry vodka.

The show was amazing! High production value, great music, and a lot of laughs. The show was divided into halves, based on the two main characters Krystal Something Something and Tabatha from Dance. The Krystal half was slicker, and a little more rock. The Tabatha half was more comedic and involved an amazing early 90s Prom scene. No Spoilers, but if you are looking to watch a truly entertaining show you can even watch online Here. Enjoy some stills and support your local drag performers.

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