I am Starting a Roller Skating Club

I believe I have spoken on the blog before about my love of Roller Skating. I have been roller skating since I was probably 5, but possibly even younger than that. I grew up having old skates that my cousins and I could hold skate parties with in my grandparents garage and driveway. I was... Continue Reading →

A Vanity Makeover

I rehomed a vanity that was my mother's a couple of years ago after my aunt moved. It has been sitting in my bedroom acting as a catch-all since. I recently decided that I would like to set it up, alongside a nyx travelcase I bought off a local auction site (I got it for... Continue Reading →

You Pin Me Right Round, Baby…

So...I have a minor obsession with pins (enamel, lapel, "buttons"). This has been going on for years (20+) and I have a startlingly large collection of these pins including a jar full in my craft room that I am planning to use in some kind of project. Part of this obsession is the fact that... Continue Reading →

A Haunting…or not

This past weekend we went to stay in a cabin in Hocking Hills to celebrate my brother-in-law's fortieth birthday. From the outside it looked just like a normal two-story house, but inside it had an amazing spiral staircase leading to the upper floor and beautiful wood beams over the kitchen. Outside on the property there... Continue Reading →

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