I Got to Attend A Body Positive Pool Party!!

About a month ago an event popped up on Facebook. It was created by a group called the Fat Babes Club of Columbus and the event was called Body Positive Pool Party. I was immediately interested. Then my friend Sarah asked if anyone was going so she and I made a plan to go together. We waited eagerly for more information. So when one Saturday morning at 7 am I was waiting for  mom and sister to pick me up so we can go garage saleing and a notification came that tickets were on sale I immediately snatched up two tickets. Then I found out that my friends Julie and Megan would be coming too. This was going to be so much fun!

Saturday I threw on my Harry Potter bathing suit and met Sarah in the parking lot across the street from the Westerville Jaycees Pool. When we got to the door they were not quite open yet, as they were still clearing the pool of daily visitors. We were the first people to begin forming a line into the event. By the time the gates opened there was a nice sized line behind us, and the party was ready to begin. My id was checked and a blue heart was drawn on my hand to show I was old enough to drink and in we went.

Immediately into the party room there was a bar to the left and beside it was a table loaded with raffle items. As you walked through you passed a table with little bags of chips, cookies and pastries. Once you got out by the pool there was a DJ set up spinning vinyl all night and the pool was full of fun inflatables. Sarah and I claimed some chairs and then hit the bar.

The bar had sodas, natural light strawberry lemonade, bud light and several flavors of white claw. I am a fan of white claw so I started with a raspberry. I moved to the raffle table and they had some amazing raffle items: gift baskets from local businesses and companies, make up sets, skincare sets, and more. I bought 15 tickets for $10, and put them into the drawings for a basket from Wild Cat Gift and Party, Uproar by Babe Roar, Urban Decay, Benefit Cosmetics and a couple of others I have forgotten.

I got a tattoo this week which was stupid honestly since I knew I had a pool party this weekend, so I decided that I would not “Swim” but would get in the water keeping my arms out. I got in and there was this adorable unicorn floaty that I decided I needed to get on. Some lovely ladies helped me and I floated for exactly 2 seconds before the unicorn bucked me off and I was fully energed in the pool. Oops. Not intentional, but still What the Hell, Unicorn? I watched him buck several others as well, so it was obviously nothing personal.

Julie and Megan arrived around 8:30 or so, and I lounged beside the pool drinking while they swam and chatted with me. Sarah got pulled into doing some footage for the people who were video recording the event. She went down the slide about 3 times, and ended up doing some under water and jumping in shots.

They called the raffles at 9:45, and Julie won a package of facial cremes etc, and I won the Benefit Cosmetics Brows before Bros set. It had eyebrow powder, a pencil and a filler along with a pore shrinking primer and a They’re Real lip stick in Lusty Rose. I was so excited!

There is going to be another one in August and you know that if I can I will go again.

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