Witches of Betsy Past

I have dressed up as a witch more than any other costume in my life, so today I decided to photo drop as many Betsy as a witch photos as I can find. This is not nearly all of them, just the ones I could find.

Halloween Roller Skate Crate

I got an ad for the Roller Skate Crate Halloween Edition and immediately I decided I needed to order it. It arrived today and I am not at all sad I ordered it. I got so many cute Halloween skate accessories, which I will use all year round because that is the kind of girl... Continue Reading →

10 Strange Spooky Facts About Me

I have eight or nine different witch hats. Possibly more. I collect bones, skulls and such. I even have an alligator skull I inherited. I was recently told that I have a young boy spirit around me by a friend. It was strange, but cool. I once hyperventilated so hard at a haunted house when... Continue Reading →

Magical Days, Madrigal Nights – Part 2

My husband and I's 8th wedding anniversary was on the 6th. To celebrate we bought feast tickets to the Magical Days, Madrigal Nights event happening at the Ohio Renaissance Festival. We also decided to indulge and do the Witches of Willy-Nilly Whiskey Tasting. The Whiskey Tasting was fun and delicious, for $35 per person you... Continue Reading →

Friday Night Karaoke in Newark

My little sister, Traci, texted me at work yesterday afternoon to see if I would like to come down to do Karaoke at The Bootlegger in Newark. I love Karaoke so I headed that way after work. The Bootlegger is a nice bar located in the building underneath the Crystal Ballroom (where I used to... Continue Reading →

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