On The Second Day of Blogmas:

What is your strangest Holiday tradition? Mine is that for the last several years (I seriously don’t know how many.) I have been carving stamps to print my own holiday cards. I can remember doing a Yule Log, Snowflakes, Ornaments, Cookies, Mistletoe and I am sure there are a couple more. I try not to reuse or repeat a design.

This year I carved two stamps to create my cards. I wanted to be able to easily use multiple colors. I am not going to spoil my card since they haven’t gone out in the mail yet, but I am really excited about them. I am mailing out 85+ cards this year. Once they are in the world I will reveal the design here.

Do you send out Holiday Cards? Do you like to receive them? Is there a particular design you prefer?

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  1. I used to send out loads of cards. Made them myself and everything. But after I couldn’t see to write them myself hubby had to, and the combination of him having arthritis in his hands and less enthusiasm for the task than me meant it eventually got decreased to me only sending out a handful. This year I gave out even less, since moving on top of the holidays (even worse, moving during a pandemic for the second time in six months) meant I had neither the energy or the money required to mail them, so I only gave cards to a select few people, and told most people I wasn’t doing it this year.

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