I am currently trying to decide if I even want to try NANOWRIMO this year, or if I should give this year a pass since I have so much going on. I started a new job on Monday, so I am going to be working on learning my new function and getting it down. I am also still working on my Master’s and will be finishing up my poetry class to begin a Lit class on Shakespeare. I am definitely leaning toward giving it a pass this year

But…there is a part of me that keeps thinking “Writers Write” so I should at least try, and just make my goal something more attainable with my current schedule. Like maybe write something everyday; this can be a poem, paper, blogpost, whatever as long as I sit down and write once a day. That seems like an achievable goal that sets a challenge but not one that will overwhelm.

Are you doing NANOWRIMO? What writing goals do you have?

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